Central Youth

Join a team that is going to make an impact on this arising generation! Reaching this age group is essential in their place in life. We reach out to them so they can reach their peers with confidence in who they are in Christ. 


Be a part of the atmosphere we create where people can experience God's presence. There is a lot that goes into a smooth presentation of the gospel on platform, the cameras, the lights, the sound. Join our team even with minimal to no experience!


Be a part of something bigger! The Kid Central team gets to raise leaders, instill hope, & breath passion into our young people everyday! Join us in raising up this generations army!

Safety is very important to us, all of our workers have background and reference checks. If you would like to join our team please fill out the application below.

Children's Ministry Team Application

Guest Experience

Join the front lines! Be the first to welcome new guests, make them comfortable, answer questions, help them find a great seat!

Creative & Marketing

Join the creation process! From film, to graphic design, to audio, these teams help create an atmosphere that communicates our mission to every level, to spread the gospel and bring people in with what they create! 

Check out all of the teams

For a complete list of teams that you can join, or to communicated with any team leader click HERE.

All of our team members from Nursery through High School have background checks. If you are interested in joining one of these teams and want a head start click HERE to download the application.